Italian Restaurant for Sale

  • Category: buy
  • Price: THB 3,210,000
  • Location: Kamala
  • Type: Commercial/Land
  • The inner surface is about 115 mt2 , split in 3 units

One unit is occupied entirely by the kitchen,  last year 2015 we expanded it building a high wall bar with a depth of about 1.5 mt, so it is still open and visible by customers , in the back of it we built a wall of separation for the washing area .

The other two units are occupied by the restaurant room and the bar, in the back of the unit adjacent to the kitchen there is a utility / storage room and a door that allows entry to suppliers. The back of the third unit there are bathrooms and the entrance on the reserved parking ( many customers prefer this to the main entrance for obvious reasons of convenience).

Each unit has a corresponding open space on the square of approximately 20 mt2 each for a total of approximately 60 mt2 . On the outdoor area we arrange 10 tables for 4/6 people . Four of these tables , the closest to the inside , are topped by big umbrellas.

The restaurant is today operational and is thus perfectly equipped for the job , the equipment for the kitchen and the bar and the dining room.

  • The cost of the rent per month is 27,000 Thb . The contract is 9 years ( 3 + 3 + 3 ) and has been renovated in May 2015. So there are still nearly two years to enjoy with the current contract.

In May 2018 you will have to renew the contract again and speak about it with the landlord.

The electricity cost obviously varies from month to month, but because we are on a private square the cost of a unit is 6 Thb; this figure includes the cost of electricity of common areas with the other shops and the cost of maintenance, gardening and security.

In general, the cost of electricity ranges from 5,000 to 11,000 monthly .

Water is the municipal water and the cost ranges from 400 to about 1,000 Thb monthly.

In emergency cases, we have a 2000 liter tank connected to a pump and emergency lights in the room and in the kitchen .

The kitchen, including the pizza oven, is supplied by gas; at the back of the restaurant kitchen we built an iron cage to host 4 big gas tanks.

In the selling price can be included the Thai company for 4,000,000 Thb of capital stock, this kind of company can host 2 work permits for foreigners. The above company is an healthy company with no pending.

If necessary we are also available to introduce the new management both with suppliers and with the staff, some of them are working with us for more than three years and are willing to stay.

  • The restaurant is being open for almost five years, for the first two years we have been opened all year because we were living permanently throughout the year in Phuket. Since last year, however we started to close for the low-season to be able to return to Italy for family reasons.

Our staff would be willing to work even for the whole year if you wish to return to the old system, also the expat customers would be very happy about it.

We are located in a private pedestrian square which is connected to the beach road where there are many souvenir shops, massage, hotels, guest houses and of course , the access to the beach (distance from the sea is about 150 meters).

The green areas, the flooring, the furniture and the lighting of the square were completely redone in 2015, the same goes for the parking area. Next to the restaurant the land owner has opened a brand new hotel (low cost rates but with European standards) with them we have excellent collaboration contacts. Moreover, since June 2016, the same owner is building apartments for tourists even on the left side of the restaurant, this square is home also of a Thai restaurant, a coffee shop and a tailor. The square (Fox Tail Plaza-walking street) is an important pedestrian crossroads for all the tourists, because coming from the parking lot where, last March, opened a hotel of 200 rooms, you can reach the sea, the twice weekly market and supermarkets. The same is if you arrive from the seaside area and you want to reach the main road, the market and the supermarket, you will have to pass in front of the restaurant.

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